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Often, people find their cars in the USA and Americans will usually have no problems selling their cars to Canadians. However, getting the car into Canada is not as simple as buying a case of beer and a gallon of milk. The US Customs & Border Protection (USCBP) requires all vehicles exported from the USA to be inspected. The procedure requires the Canadian vehicle importer to fax or email to them the vehicle's title (ownership certificate) 72 hours prior to the vehicle crossing the border. This implies that vehicles without proper titles cannot leave the USA. Don't think that you can cut your untitled parts car in half and bypass this requirement. A parts car has to really be in unreassemblable (is this a word?) parts to get through without a title.

If you have faxed your title in to the USCBP as required, they will not acknowledge your fax and your fax machine's confirmation sheet is your only proof that you sent them the title. Doing this by email (follow port office links) should result in an acknowledgement and further instructions.  If there is a problem with your title, USCBP will not call you. In fact, if you call them prior to departing with your vehicle to make sure that there will not be a problem, they won't look up your file so that you could know either way. Upon your arrival at a border crossing they will inspect your vehicle. If everything is in order, they will stamp your title with multi-colored ink indicating that it was inspected by the Vehicle Export Office.

Canada Customs will only allow you to import a vehicle if the title has been stamped by the Vehicle Export Office. Without this stamp, you will be turned back to the USA so make sure that you visit US Customs first. There are two ways of importing a vehicle. You can either import it as one that will be licensed or one that is not. Even if you only want the parts, consider importing it as one for licensing, which would allow you more flexibility in selling the shell of the car to someone who might want to turn it into a hot-rod. Don't forget, vehicles with air conditioning are still liable for the $100 federal air conditioning excise tax.